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Find the best baseball cards for sale HERE at our online baseball card shop! 

Remember that feeling as a kid of riding your bike to the local baseball card shop and buying a fresh pack of cards, tearing open the wrapper and furiously thumbing through to see how you made out? Whether you got lucky with that hot new rookie prospect or you managed to nab a bonafide all-star or a graceful legend, the anticipation and promise of what you could find within -- of the unknown -- drove millions of children and adults alike to participate in the surprise and intrigue of opening fresh card packs day after day and year after year.


Here at Classic Pack Breaks we bring the experience of opening the best baseball card packs of yesterday to anyone that wants to buy a slot How it works is we obtain vintage and classic baseball, football and basketball card packs, and you can buy a position in any of our packs for a small fee. Who knows? You could get that rare Mike Schmidt with your position, or that hard-to-find card that completes a team or set. From individual positions to unopened packs and full boxes, our variety and prices beat the competition because, first and foremost, we're fans, too! The best part is that we open all of our packs live on YouTube so you can participate in the excitement in real time. And for the pack opening purists, we also sell complete packs, instantly transporting you back to your childhood as you tear open packs that have sat unopened for decades.


Sure, you could go online and find the exact card you want and pay top dollar, but what fun is that? Everyone that has collected and traded cards knows that the most valuable baseball cards are self-found, not purchased outright. From Topps to Fleer and Bowman to Donruss, we have packs from the 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s, as well as a choice selection of modern packs to appease even the most ardent baseball card fan. Here at Classic Pack Breaks, it's never been easier to purchase a spot in your favorite era, or to maximize your chances of hitting it big with a fresh, unopened pack of your own!

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