Shipping Policy

We use USPS Priority Mail w/ an associated tracking number.  We will typically ship within 2-3 business day after your card, cards, or pack is opened live on our YouTube channel.  We will take the necessary precautions to handle and ship your cards with care so they arrive just the way they came from the pack!  International shipping will vary by weight with two options: 1. Continental North America: Under 1lb=$20  Over 1lb=$35  2.  Rest of the world: Under 1lb=$35  Over 1lb=$58.

Return & Exchange Policy

Due to the nature of the business we can't accept returns once the pack is opened.  If a card is clearly and visibly damaged when it comes out of the pack, such as torn or ripped for example, we will refund your purchase for that individual spot or the equivalant value of the card from the pack.  Meaning, if the pack was $60 and contained 10 cards and one was damaged, we would refund $6.


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