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At Classic Pack Breaks we love the hobby.  This is why we have chosen to go about selling and breaking packs a bit differently than our competition.  First, we are significantly cheaper than the other vintage break sites.  Secondly, and perhaps most important, we allow customers the ability to have personal packs shipped to them unopened if they choose to!!

We offer not only the ability to purchase personal packs, we offer the ability to purchase individual cards or spots within various packs!  We also open the packs live at or ship your purchase unopened to your door!

Once all spots have been filled or purchased in a given pack, we will place the people who purchased spots into, roll the dice and the number rolled will be the number of times the list of names will be randomized.  Once the order is established, we will open the pack, show you everyone's cards, and deliver them to you quickly and packaged safely to arrive just as they came from the pack!!

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