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  • What is Classic Pack Breaks?
    Simply put, we sell trading cards by the individual card or spot and open them live on our YouTube channel Classic Pack Breaks. We also sell products by the pack and/or if you purchase all spots in the group break.
  • When will you open the pack I have a spot in?
    As soon as it sells out, or fills, we will go live that same evening at 9pm est to open the pack.
  • How does the pack opening process work?
    When a pack fills and we go live, we will place everyone with a spot into We will then roll the dice and the number rolled corresponds to the amount of times we randomize the list. (If a 2 is rolled we WILL re-roll.) The resulting list is the order in which the cards will be distributed.
  • How long will it take to receive my cards?
    We will ship on every Monday. Depending upon where you live and the day of the week we opened your pack, you should expect to receive your cards within one week.
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