In 1972 , mostly young folks–had gotten used to two series of Topps football cards since the company resumed its place as the NFL’s official partner in 1968.  However, after four years, the company turned things upside down.   Football was exploding in popularity, thanks in part to the new ABC-TV smash hit, Monday Night Football.  Things started out normally.  There were two series of 1972 Topps football but as winter arrived, a third series emerged.  In the pre-internet world, the news spread pretty slowly.  In fact, it’s not a stretch to say the word never reached some collectors.  The 1972 third series wax boxes didn’t reach the usual nationwide distribution area and are thought to have been available to less than half the country–and not for very long. The uncompromising rarity of third series cards from 1972 is generally trotted out as evidence that this was an extraordinary experiment from the Topps HQ. “Due to the scarcity of the third series, the complete set is considered almost uncollectible,” said Dean Hanley of Dean’s Cards ( of Cincinnati, Ohio. Look for HOF Rookie Rayfield Wright along with a plethora of other valuable Hall of Fame and star cards!

1972 Topps Football 3rd Series Wax Pack (Personal Pack Only)